How to Use the Aerodrome

Safety at Bacchus Marsh Aerodrome

The safety of all aerodrome users and visitors is a priority.

As the Bacchus Marsh Aerodrome is a public facility, all users, sub-lessees and visitors (including those who are guests of sub-lessees) are to act responsibly.

As an operating aerodrome, the following (non-exhaustive) should be observed to ensure everyone's safety:

  • Vehicle drivers shall obey all signs and notices.
  • Vehicles must not operate within 15 metres of an aircraft refuelling.
  • Generally, vehicles shall not be driven upon the runways, runway strips, dedicated taxiways, aircraft parking areas and areas of the aerodrome beyond the roads and perimeter tracks.
  • Pedestrian movement on runways and taxiways is expressly prohibited except in cases of emergency, or for aerodrome inspection or maintenance.
  • Aircraft shall only be parked in designated aircraft parking areas and tie-down areas, inclusive of those at glider launch points. Aircraft shall not be parked upon taxiways or taxilanes. All aircraft shall not park closer than 10 metres from the edge of a taxiway/aircraft parking area access point.

We also ask that to ensure all aerodrome users' safety and wellbeing, that you:

  • Show respect and courtesy to other users.
  • Respect the rights and worth of every individual regardless of their race, age, gender, cultural background, sexuality or religion.
  • Behave responsibly in all interactions.

The Aerodrome has an Emergency Response Plan. In an emergency, call 000 to activate relevant response agencies and notify the Aerodrome Manager.

Bacchus Marsh ERSA Page

A PDF version of the image below can be downloaded here.

Bacchus Marsh ERSA Page