The gravel area works with the west end gravel section and the gravel taxiway preparation were completed today. We seek to do the bitumen spray sealing Wednesday-Thursday next week and with Friday as a backup day. However, that is still in the hands of the weather god.

The current aerodrome status is that the gravel area at the west end of the 09-27 runway is out of bounds and the gravel taxiway parallel to 09-27 is out of bounds including where the taxiway extends westwards onto the 01-19 runway strip to connect to that 01-19 runway bitumen edge.

There will be an opportunity for operations, weather permitting, and provided there is no encroachment of the gravel areas, except that on runway 09 gliding operations to the east are NOT available as the centreline of the runway is not available in regard to the gravel area and centreline landings short must not happen. Looking at the winds for Sat & Sunday, I believe there is no likelihood of 09 operations to the east being needed. Besides that rain and wind speeds appear that they will be significant and may be limiting.

The winds favour 19 mid-Saturday through Sunday and this does present one issue. The gravel taxiway extension from the gable marker line of 01-19 east side across the 01-19 runway edge has been left not marked because placing such objects on that area would preclude all ops on that runway.